Alice in Wonderland




Become as lost as Alice and as mad as The Hatter…

Alice experienced the most awesome adventures in Wonderland. You can do so too!

With a team of at least 3 and up to 6 people, you will enter Wonderland and go for an adventurous 60 minutes. You’ll transform in length, mock with gravity and get sucked into nature.

Fancy a tea party?
Yes? Well that’s marvelous!
As you probably have already noticed, this room is a bit more expensive than the other rooms.
We went all out designing this room, and set it up to be quite beautiful, we had to make it a tad more expensive.

But…. We can offer a little compensation. If you book this room in combination with our packages in Eetcafé CP, you will receive a €15,- discount on your reservation.

See you in Wonderland!